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wellness_hub Satisfaction and satisfaction questionnaire of service receiver Department of Health Service Support Ministry of Public Health

wellness_hub Purpose: The Department of Health Services has conducted this survey with the objective to inquire and evaluate the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of service recipients with regard to the implementation of the procedures. Department of Health Service Support The result is to improve the quality of operations and respond to the service recipients. Explanation: Please tick. And fill in the blanks that match your information and preferences. The data will be used to improve the service procedures of the Department of Health Services in the future. The survey is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 Demographic information

Gender *
Age *
Less than or equal to 15 years
16-20 years
21-25 years
26-30 years
31-35 years
36-40 years
41-45 years
46-50 years
More than 50 years
Graduate *
Primary School
Junior High School
Senior High School/Vocational Certificate
College Certificate/High Vocational Certificate
Bachelor’s degree
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